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Learn how LUMES compare to other screen glasses.

Premium protection

Unlike other brands, LUMES use premium CR-39 lenses that block up to 90% of the highest energy (blue) light from screens. Our lenses also prevent 99.9% of glare to reduce headaches and eye fatigue from screens. And before we forget, they’re anti-scratch too!

Fairly priced

Cheap computer glasses from Amazon or other online stores might seem like a great option at first. The problem is that they’re made from flimsy materials and often don't work like they should.

LUMES cost slightly more because they’re crafted from high-quality materials.

It means that they protect your eyes from screens more effectively - and they're more durable too. That’s better for the environment, your bank account and most importantly, your health.

True fact: we still wear the original LUMES prototypes to this day!

Beautiful frames

Unlike polycarbonate frames which have a distinctive rubbery odor and are known to disintegrate, LUMES look and feel fresh. Made from durable acetate or sleek stainless steel, our stylish and modern frames will sync perfectly with your own unique style. In fact, they’re so comfortable, you’ll barely know you’re wearing them...

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    More reasons why customers love LUMES

    Ian Sepheer wearing LUMES Danvers blue light blocking computer glasses, color transparent

    Improved focus, reduced headaches.

    Get happier eyes with LUMES today

    Get high quality sleep

    Get happier eyes with LUMES today
    Anna Beerends wearing LUMES Danvers blue light blocking computer glasses, color transparent